The hydrofoil named "Fairlight" that used to pass the founding Fairlight offices Circa 1975

ABOUT FairlightUS

FairlightUS Inc. is headquartered in New Jersey, USA and is a distributor for Fairlight products. Fairlight.AU designs and manufactures media creation tools including digital audio recording, editing and mixing systems for standard and high definition audio post, broadcast and music production applications. Fairlight's family includes XYNERGI, EVO & EVO.Live, PYXIS, QUANTUM & XSTREAM. The Fairlight family of products are powered by Fairlight’s breakthrough CC-1 and CC-2 technology, the CC-1 being the world’s first FPGA based media processing engine which introduced Dynamic Resolution Optimization and delivers previously unattainable price performance gains together with unprecedented speed, flexibility and exceptional sonic quality. The platform sets the benchmark in low latency processing.

Fairlight has been at the forefront of digital audio development since its inception in 1975. 2015 represented the 40 year anniversary since the inception of Fairlight Instruments - we are one of the oldest, if not the oldest, player in the digital audio recording business. Fairlight pioneered digital sampling and music sequencing, leading the world in cutting edge digital music synthesis.

In 2001 Fairlight launched the DREAM Constellation. This product sets a new benchmark for price and performance in large format fully automated digital mixing systems. Unlike other companies in the Pro Audio market place Fairlight’s philosophy emphasizes quality not compromise. Its reputation for sonic purity and state of the art DSP technology are without rival.

Fairlight’s customer list reads like a who's who of the industry. Whilst many are large facilities in Broadcast, Feature Film, Television, Advertising and Music production there are hundreds of smaller studios throughout the world who have found that an investment in Fairlight equipment returns instant business benefits in time saved and revenues generated. Fairlight’s products are optimized to enhance the creative talents of the user. Using Fairlight equipment has helped many of these studios to grow their businesses quickly and in new directions.

Fairlight equipment is used in the audio post-production of major feature films and television programs around the world as well as hundreds of lower budget movies, television programs, commercials and documentaries. It is also increasingly used in music recording in major music centers like Nashville and London.

A dedication to innovation, quality and customer service has made Fairlight one of the most respected companies in professional audio. An investment in Fairlight products is an investment in the future success of your business.

This unique knowledge of digital audio has been the platform for the Company to become the world leader in professional audio editing, recording and mixing. During the Nineties Fairlight had designed and delivered new approaches to audio disk recording and editing. The company had pioneered an architecture including an editing model that continues to be easy to use and innovative. It is designed to address user requirements that cannot be addressed on platforms primarily designed as office equipment. This approach was widely accepted as the Benchmark for speed and performance in editing applications. For these developments Fairlight and its R&D team were awarded two Scientific and Technical Academy awards.


Qasar I 1970-1971
Qasar II 1972-1973
Qasar M8 1975
CMI - Series I 1979
CMI - Series II 1982
CMI - Series IIX 1983
CMI - Series III 1985
MFX1 1990
MFX2 1992
MFX3 1994
MFX3plus 1996
MFX3.48 2000
DREAM 2001
CC-1 2006
Xynergi  2007
EVO 2010
Pyxis4K 2013
EVO.Live 2014
CC-2 2014


"Reelin' in the Fairlight..." - Listen to the history of the Fairlight CMI. Recorded for Qantas "in flight" entertainment November 2005 by the "Rock Brain of the Universe", Glenn A. Baker. Running time approximately 2 hours with lots of great music from the late 70's through to the late 80's. Grab or Stream the MP3 Files HERE.


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