The Xynergi controller features a unique implementation of self-labeling key switches which are able to display full color images, animated icons or text to provide intelligent control over the entire recording, editing and mixing process. In addition, the controller can support any type of language or icon driven menu structure with an ‘on-demand’ QWERTY keyboard for routine naming tasks and immediate access to Windows applications.

Typical Xynergi & XE6 Setup

The controller also features eight touch sensitive rotary controllers and multiple soft keys arranged around a high–res color control zone known as the “pad”. These are used to support Xynergi’s sophisticated mix automation system as well as precise control over extensive signal processing facilities which include multi-band EQ's, three stage dynamics, multi-dimensional panning and auxiliary sends.

The essence of the controller is that it is ‘application aware’. In Fairlight language this means it knows what mode the operator is in (recording, editing, mixing, set-up) and instantly presents the function choices relevant to that mode whilst hiding those that aren’t.

A close look at the OLED's

For example, if operating in edit mode then all the non-editing options are hidden as these aren’t needed. That means the controller can spread all of its editing functions across the available switches giving its operator true ‘knob-per-function’ control. Likewise, if the operator launches a Word document from the PC or wishes to name a file/recorded track/channel etc within the Fairlight project, then Xynergi intelligently knows that the operator needs to type and automatically presents a QWERTY keyboard.

The result is less key-strokes, less function ‘banking’ and more control; all of which contribute to an enhanced creative operational experience and improved productivity.


The Xynergi organizes and delivers all the media processing tools needed for high-end audio for video production in all widely used surround formats. The system is based around a completely new concept in tactile control harnessing the awesome ‘green’ processing power of Fairlight’s CC-1 digital media engine and Fairlight’s integrated PyxisTrack video.

The Xynergi is a revolutionary desktop user interface used to access all features and functions of the Fairlight CC-1 as well as commonly used Windows™ applications such as Email, Word™ and Excel™.

Download The Xynergi Brochure in PDF format by clicking HERE


The XE-6 is a six fader extension module for Xynergi that adds a high quality yet cost-effective tactile mixing control to the Xynergi hardware platform. Up to four Xe6's can be installed providing a traditional console-like hardware interface engineered to Fairlight’s demanding standards for quality and robustness. The XE-6 is designed using a new generation of color OLED displays, touch sensitive moving faders and fully assignable encoder controls. It fits neatly into the physical setup of the Xynergi controller, elevating this platform to fulfill the full range of audio production tasks from recording and editing through to fully automated mixing.

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Xynergi’s modern CC-1 FPGA media engine effortlessly delivers unprecedented processing power with virtually zero latency.

The technology is so powerful that 230 Hi Resolution audio channels can be processed concurrently, each with six bands of EQ and three stages of dynamics by a single CC-1 card hosted in a Windows PC. In addition, the engine provides enough processing power to support a large format mixing system with access to 72 mix busses, 220 physical I/Os, a comprehensive monitoring system, a fully integrated 192 track DAW, on board HD/SD video and access to most popular 3rd party Plug-Ins.

Not only is CC-1 more powerful than any other processing engine, it is also sonically superior with its ability to record at sampling frequencies up to 96 kHz and manipulate audio at 72bit floating point. An investment in Xynergi’s FPGA technology is also an investment in future proof hardware design as many new features and capabilities can be delivered in software form without the need for an expensive hardware refit.


Dimensions for the Xynergi Controller - The XE6 has the same profile


Edit - Xynergi’s award winning editing software is organized in a unique object-based architecture that makes it intuitive to use, fast to operate, powerful and flexible. With Xynergi’s AudioBase3, multiple users can share sound libraries, music libraries and other sound files.

Record - All Xynergi systems include a built-in disk recorder that provides true multi-track performance, with seamless punch in and out and integrated video capture.

Plug-Ins - Xynergi delivers the most open Plug-In platform available today with an integrated audio bridge to a wide variety of VST compliant Plug-Ins and ReWire supported sound design tools.

Automate - Xynergi’s comprehensive automation brings large format mixing console tools to any scale of project and controls over 70,000 parameters including Plug-Ins.

Video Integration - PyxisTrack is Xynergi's integrated video player/recorder. It supports multiple video file formats as well as video capture directly to the project timeline delivering true multi media capabilities.

Ingest, Import and Convert - With pro-audio’s ultimate file conversion utility built-in, Xynergi allows users to open, import, play and export audio files and projects in today’s leading professional formats.

Process - With access to eight bands of mastering quality EQ and three stages of dynamics on every channel, Xynergi never leaves its users asking for more.

Deliver - Xynergi’s integrated Virtual Studio Runner (VSR) is a powerful trafficking and ingest solution that maximizes productivity, cuts costs and prevents errors. VSR can convert and send files directly to clients via email, FTP or via an internal mailbox for quality assurance.