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EVO Media production systems are now available in two models, EVO Post and EVO.Live. The original EVO Post mixer launched in 2010, an integrated Mixer and digital audio workstation is in daily use throughout the world in Audio Post Production facilities. The EVO.Live is designed to address the specific requirements of Live production and Broadcast studios.

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EVO Post



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What is EVO.Live ?

EVO.Live is a new generation digital audio mixing system from Fairlight, Built for the most demanding broadcast and live production studios, EVO.Live comes with true live credentials, that offer the best possible price/performance value and a set of unique operational features for enhanced productivity and reliability.

The mixing console’s scalable, application specific design, creates the perfect mixing environment for OB trucks, performing arts venues, houses of worship and broadcast facilities.

The ergonomic layout of the control surface offers immediate access to all critical live functions with excellent visualization.

The console includes interactive Picture Keys which self-label instantly for each task performed, always displaying the right commands and functions at the right time.

The power of EVO.Live reaches far beyond live production, with full integrated audio and video disk recording capabilities, off-line preparation via laptop, a built-in cart machine for flying in sound effects, and control extensions to lighting systems, third party DAW and sound library databases.



The 2RU compact, FPGA-based Crystal Core Audio Processor ensures very high channel and bus counts and microsecond latency.

Comprehensive Mix-Minus, Comms, metering and flexible bussing are perfectly implemented. Adding a second hot-swappable Crystal Core engine with dual-input power supplies guarantees the highest system reliability.

Built-in local I/O provides for all control room needs and can be complemented with a choice of modular remote I/O to meet the demands of any application.


The EVO.Live mixing console control surface excels in modularity and customization – enabling you to build exactly the right mixing environment for your production.

Ergonomically designed control modules with excellent visual feedback and immediate access to critical functions, allow you to work with complete confidence during the production.

The console can be split into two independent fader sets for Dual-Operator functionality. Fully redundant power supplies and Ethernet-based control surface module interconnection ensure a high level of reliability.

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Fader panels are available with 6 or 12 faders, each controlling a mono, stereo, LCR or 5.1 signal path.

Each Fader strip includes a high quality, 100mm motorized fader with control buttons for solo, mute, scene-automation, and interrogation.

A color OLED adds channel naming, metering, pan position and other visual feedback. Completing the channel strip, are Mute and Solo switches and a touch-sensitive rotary control for various parameters, such as LR or FB pan.


Available in a wide range of chassis sizes, to fit 12 to 60 faders.

104 Input Channels of mixing into 128 bus elements at 48 KHz.

Mono, stereo and 5.1 surround sound buses.

Dual-Operator functionality allows two audio engineers to independently access their own set of Input Channels, faders, processing and monitoring.

EVO.Live can be instantly reconfigured, turning into Fairlight’s industry-leading post production system featuring audio editing, full HD video integration, plug-ins and sophisticated 3D surround panning.

iCAN technology provides the operator with an easy to use interface to design customised layouts.

  • 104 input Channels into 128 bus elements
  • 1 x Main Out (mono, stereo, or 5.1)
  • 24 x Sub Group Out (mono, stereo, or 5.1)
  • 24 x Auxiliary Out (mono, stereo)
  • 24 x Multitrack Out (mono)
  • 16 x Mix Minus busses
  • 1 x Direct Out per channel
  • 1 x Mix-Minus out per channel
  • 1 x Insert on every channel, Main, Sub and Aux bus
  • 32 x VCA groups
  • 128 Track Digital Audio Disk Recorder
  • 6-Band EQ on every channel, Main, Sub and Aux bus
  • Dynamics processing on every channel (Exp/Gate, Compressor, Limiter)
  • Dynamics processing on every bus (Compressor, Limiter)
  • 2 Second delay available on all channels
  • 5.1 Console Monitor Output
  • 2 x Stereo Studio Monitor Outputs
  • 4 Talkback groups
  • Talk to Channel Mix-minus, Channel Direct Out, busses
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Large touch screens are used in EVO.Live to provide an overview of the entire system, and at the same time to allow instantaneous changes via touch control.

Using color coding and carefully graded contrast, the visual user interface keeps you completely informed at any stage of the mix. Extensive metering is available at all times, for each channel and bus and there is a built-in LKFS loudness monitor for the Main Bus.

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So let’s talk ROI, a term often thrown around and in many instances misused or misunderstood. EVO.Live is a console specifically designed and optimized for Live Production and Broadcast studios. After the live recording or event has completed, EVO.Live can be instantly reconfigured, into an EVO Post mixer with all the tools needed for post-production; audio editing, full HD video integration, plug-ins, comprehensive timecode-based automation and sophisticated 3D surround panning.

Now, that is two consoles in one package, specifically tailored without compromise for different applications. We cannot think of a better case where Return On Investment is so clearly evident.
Contact FairlightUS for a conversation about your next investment.

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EVO & EVO.Live Brochures and Whitepapers


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EVO Post

As a mixing surface EVO excels in its mid-range price point with in-line controls and detailed full-color displays for every fader. The center section is designed around Fairlight's revolutionary self-labeling Xynergi keys, for full tactile control of recording, editing and mixing.

EVO's built-in professional monitoring section makes simple sense out of complex surround mixing, capable of fully automated mixes in multiple formats simultaneously. And with floating point audio throughout the signal path, you'll have the headroom and precision for the most demanding applications.

EVO "M Series" Console


Fairlight's EVO system is a giant step forward, delivering high-end console power  with cutting-edge affordability. It's today's big mixer at tomorrow's smart price.

EVO is a fully self-contained audio production system for video, film and music, offering high track count with Fairlight's dedicated FPGA-based hardware for mixing and processing, built-in video, and seamless workflows for virtually all SD and HD file formats.

The console is aimed at achieving industry leadership in price/performance for a platform integrating recording, editing, mixing and video.

EVO is file compatible and operationally similar to existing Fairlight products. It is firmly a part of the Fairlight product family, which spans the range from home operations, to transfer rooms, to ADR rooms, through layers of preparation, to the final dub stage.


  • Up-to 230 Channels into the Mix
  • Up-to 72 User definable busses Mono-7.1
  • Constellation Channel configurations from Mono to 7.1
  • 8 Sub Busses
  • Bus Inserts
  • 16 Multi-track Busses
  • Bus to Bus mixing
  • Bus reduction - Simultaneous mixing of multiple formats
  • 12 Auxiliary sends User definable Mono-7.1
  • Comprehensive Solo system AFL, PFL and SIP
  • High end Automation
  • Intuitive touch aware automation modes
  • Automation of all Console parameters including filters
  • 3 Stage Dynamics Processing
  • 6 Bands EQ - Full range
  • 4 Bands Clip based EQ full range
  • Integrated 192 Track Disk recorder
  • Xynergi Editing
  • Automation follows editing of audio
  • Powerful Undo Redo structure including Automation
  • Touch sensitive motorized faders
  • Comprehensive multi format surround panning
  • Illuminated Status of Automation parameters
  • Comprehensive monitoring options
  • User programmable Macro Language
  • Buss/Tape monitoring system
  • 64 channel audio bridge to VST Plug-ins
  • Re-Wire connectivity
  • Networkable either peer to peer or server based
  • Comprehensive server based SFX library management
  • Integrated Non Linear video system with Video editing

Fader Panel



Integrated Xynergi Center Section with self labeling key switches.

In-Line Panel (ILP) delivering efficient knob-per-function access to channel parameters. The ‘feel’ of a Large format mixing console.

Touch screen ‘bridge’ delivering rich graphics and channel feedback.

Innovative use of color OLED screens (Organic LEDs) in the fader panels to display enhanced automation feedback and improve the mixing process.


The Master Control Panel works like a Xynergi controller. Its innovative use of self-labeling keys allows quick task switching between editing, recording, mixing, monitoring and setup operations.

Master Control Panel (XCS)

All QWERTY functions are handled on the same keys, popping up automatically whenever a naming operation is initiated.

A group of fixed function keys guarantees access to vital functions such as:

  • Transport keys, including a Jog Wheel, locators, jump keys and transport “smarts”
  • Monitor volume and mute for Control Room and Studio
  • Numeric Keypad for location, Time-Code entry and other numeric functions
  • Dedicated Undo and Redo buttons

The Master Control Panel forms the heart of the system, where all functions are accessible, some a layer or so deep. The remaining system panels allow instant surface access to your choice of mixing controls and displays.

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EVO "M Series" Console (Sports-IT NJ-USA)
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Fader Panel is Fairlight’s powerful fader bank, redesigned to provide more local control for a traditional mixing approach.

Incorporating 12 motorized faders and 12 assignable rotary controls, the panel can easily be switched to control any group of channels on the console.

A new generation full color OLED has been specified for this fader panel.

Fader Panel

Its large size and strong graphic capability provides excellent channel feedback such as channel name, VCA grouping, system credentials, fader value, integrated channel meter as well as automation status information such as real-time touch, touch status (on/off), automation status (read, write, trim, preview.

Its ultra wide viewing angle allows channel details to be seen from any position. EVO automatically manages the information shown on the screens to produce low fatigue and quicker recognition of important information.


Five Bay Console

Height at meter faders 720mm / 28.3"
Height at meter bridge 947mm / 37.3"
Width 2603mm / 102.5"
Depth 1012mm / 39.8"
Weight 512 kg
Power Consumption 1500W (Max)

Three Bay Console

Height at meter faders 720mm / 28.3"
Height at meter bridge 947mm / 37.3"
Width 1622mm / 63.8"
Depth 1012mm / 39.8"
Power Consumption 1000W (Max)

Dimensions for EVO Consoles

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The In-Line Panel design is the key to large scale mixing control. The In Line Panel works with a Fader Panel immediately below it.

Each of the 12 positions links four touch-sensitive rotary knobs and switches to the channel below.

In-Line Panel


Immediately above the ILP is an In-line Screen Panel (ISP) providing an embedded touch screen, which gives feedback on the function of the rotary knobs and switches.

The screen is positioned so that the graphic representation is directly above the physical knobs and switches. The ILP can operate in a number of different modes depending on the level of channel parameter control required at any one time.

In-Line Panel Display

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For even more flexibility, add 1 or 2 Intellipad subpanels. Each provides a further 24 Picture Keys and 4 page keys, offering fast access to up to 192 functions.



For faster access to automation and monitor functions, the automation and monitor panels seamlessly fit within the EVO frame.

Automation Panel

Monitor Panel 
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Track Editor and Mixer Overview Screens

Examples of an EVO Console with embedded Music Keyboard for Sound Design (Wave - London)
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