Quantum is a complete audio post production system combining the power of Fairlight’s hardware and software, recording, editing, mixing, plug-ins, MIDI and video with a fully integrated, 12 or 24 fader console perfectly suitable for film, video and music studio and post production facilities.

Quantum offers pure control through the fast and ergonomic operation of its tactile control surface with faders, switches, knobs and jogger wheel, augmented with touch screen and mouse based functions.

QUANTUM Editor Panel

Quantum’s motorized faders combine with a dual row of rotary encoders to provide touch-triggered automation of all mixing parameters. Within easy reach, the system touch screens complement the physical controls with multiple switching options and project navigation.

QUANTUM Fader Panel

Quantum includes an embedded Edit controller utilizing Fairlight’s unique Picture Keys. These instantly adapt their appearance and function for easy navigation with fewer keystrokes. The control surface literally reinvents itself for each task you undertake, presenting the commands you need at the right time.

Fairlight’s new iCan technology, with drag-and-drop Layout Editor, allows audio engineers to design their own button layouts for specialized functions. Also available are flexible mounting systems to attach speakers and screens from the rear of the console.

Quantum delivers efficiency with cutting-edge affordability for a mid-size console. Editing, SD/HD integrated video, mixing, plug-ins, file transfer, recording are integrated all in one system. As part of the Fairlight range it is fully file format compatible with all Fairlight products, and provides seamless workflows for virtually all SD and HD file formats.

The powerful CC-1 Media engine supports up to 192 disk recorder tracks, 230 mixing channels and 2 HD video tracks for 3D work. Included is support for up to 256 inputs and outputs, built-in EQ and dynamics for every channel, access to VST plug-ins and instruments, and mixing to multiple bus destinations up to 7.1 wide.

The Quantum audio post production system interfaces to popular server architectures and its compatibility with professional video file formats make it the natural choice for post-production in a busy multi-purpose facility.


Quantum provides a very fast, tactile mixing environment for demanding applications. It is suitable for large Audio/ Video projects using HD picture with up to 192 Audio tracks. The console is available in both 12 and 24 fader configurations, and is equipped with large, easy to reach touch screens. The 12-fader option comes in a 1.2 meter wide compact console frame, while the 24-fader option is 1.7 meters wide.

Both configurations include a centre section built around 43 of Fairlight’s unique, patented Picture Key Technology. These keys can change label and function instantly, repurposing sections of the control surface.

A large display surrounded by 28 buttons and 6 rotary encoders complement the picture keys, and provide access to track selects and processing functions like EQ and Dynamics.

The centre section also features the main control-room and studio monitoring, talkback, Joystick for panning, user- definable keys and has space for a mouse. The result: Unlimited functional scope within a compact, intuitive and ergonomic workspace.

A large, touch-enabled TFT screen mounted above the centre section panel displays the editing timeline. It can be re-tasked to other functions such as a full-screen view of the output from the on-board Video track.

The channel section includes 12 fader strips, each including a 100mm motorized fader, selection, automation, solo and mute controls. The top of each fader strip holds two touch-sensitive rotary controls. In normal mode, they address the parameters associated with each strip e.g. 12 sets of Pan and Trim. Selecting channel mode changes their function, and allows you to access all of a single channel’s controls at once. Functions, mode and values of the rotary controls are displayed on a high-res color display.

The display also shows metering and relevant graphs, e.g. EQ curve. An overview of your entire mixer is provided at the top of the channel section, showing key information about all channels that are active in your project.

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QUANTUM 24 Fader 3 Bay Console
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Fully featured console with up to 24 faders, 2 or 3 TFT screens, control-room and studio monitoring, talkback, joystick and space for a mouse. Fast and unlimited functional scope within an intuitive and ergonomic workspace Very compact footprint with optional 2-bay or 3-bay console frame. Perfectly suited for Audio Engineers working in most demanding Broadcast or Audio Post with limited studio space requirements.

QUANTUM 12 Fader 2 Bay Console


QUANTUM is a compact, mid-size console with a
1.2m (12 fader option) or
1.7m (24 fader option) frame

Also available, a "Table Mount" option for fitting into your own furniture


Powerful CC-1 Media engine configurable for up to 192 disk recorder tracks, 230 mixing channels and 2 HD video tracks for 3D work Supports up to 256 inputs and outputs, built-in EQ and dynamics for every channel Full integration of VST plug-ins and instruments Mixing to multiple bus destinations up to 7.1 wide Full file format compatibility for virtually all SD and HD file formats Handling of a wide range of media and EDL file formats to support complex workflows.



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Sitting Height

Sitting Height

Side View

Standing Height

Standing Height

Examples of the Quantum Table Mount Option Previewed at NAB 2013
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Console is fully featured with 2 or 3 TFT screens, control-room and studio monitoring, talkback, joystick, space for a mouse and either 12 or 24 faders Control surface includes context aware, self labeling Picture Keys with QWERTY functionality, presenting the commands you need at the right time iCan Drag-and-drop Layout Editor lets you design your own button functions I/O options facilitate seamless integration into your facility’s infrastructure.


Width: 113 cm (12-fader), 162 cm (24 fader).
Depth: (front to back): 98 cm.
Height: 72 cm at fader, 103 cm at top of screen.
Weight: 110 kg (12 fader), 162 kg (24 fader).

Dimensions for QUANTUM Consoles


Quantum is capable of efficiently handling large projects supporting up to 192 tracks feeding a 230 channel mix into 72 bus elements. Bus elements can be combined into standard buses from mono to 7.1, plus custom format buses of any size. All channels and buses are fully equipped with 6 bands of EQ plus compressor, gate/ expander and limiter. Additional processing is available using VST plug-ins, supporting up to 6 plugs per channel. Mixing and processing are comprehensively automated, with a variety of touch modes, intuitive automation status indicators, curve drawing and offline editing.


The dual-path monitoring system allows source selection from all buses and up to 16 user-defined external sources (each up to 7.1) with no additional hardware requirement. The control-room and studio sections each have access to 9 speaker-sets (each up to 7.1).


A choice of I/O options allows Quantum to fit smoothly into your facility’s infrastructure. On the IT side Quantum interfaces to most industry standard servers and asset management systems. To support today’s complex workflows efficiently, Quantum reads and writes a wide range of media and EDL file formats.


Alongside Audio tracks, Quantum provides up to 2 Video tracks in SD and HD. All common formats are supported.