The XStream is designed for audio and video engineers working in the post-production fields of advertising, TV production and music project recording. Through Fairlight’s new iCan (Integrated Control Across Network) technology with drag-and-drop layout editor, audio engineers can design their own button layouts for specialized functions and greater accessibility. This technology allows for modification of the layout of the functions on the keys and allows the controller to be used with other applications.

Up to 24 faders using the XE-6 can also be added to enhance the mixing capability of XStream. The XStream control surface includes QWERTY functionality for naming, and has a compact footprint smaller than a 17” laptop.

The XStream delivers SD/HD integrated video, mixing, plug-ins, file transfer and recording. As part of the Fairlight range, it is fully file format compatible and can handle workflows for virtually all SD and HD file formats. The CC-1 media engine can be configured with up to 192 disk recorder tracks, 230 mixing channels and 2 HD video tracks for 3D work.

The XStream supports up to 256 audio inputs and outputs, built-in EQ and dynamics for every channel, full integration of VST plug-ins and instruments, and mixing to multiple bus destinations up to 7.1 wide.

Editing, Video Guide, Mixing, Plug-ins, File transfer, Recording – All in one Tool. Ergonomic, tactile Controller with context-aware self-labeling keys. Perfectly suited for Audio Engineers working in Post Production for advertising, TV production and music project recording. 


The Powerful CC-1 Media engine is configurable for up to 192 disk recorder tracks, 230 mixing channels and 2 HD video tracks for 3D work. Supports up to 256 inputs and outputs, built-in EQ and dynamics for every channel. Full integration of VST plug-ins and instruments. Mixing to multiple bus destinations up to 7.1 wide. Full file format compatibility providing seamless workflows for virtually all SD and HD file formats.

The Control surface includes unique Picture Key Technology. Fewer key strokes through context-aware self labeling keys. Drag-and-drop Layout Editor to design your own button functions. Control surface presents the commands you need at the right time. Includes 6 touch sensitive rotary encoders and Hi-res jog wheel. QWERTY functionality.

The XSTREAM Controller is no bigger than a 17” laptop!



Dimensions for the XStream Controller


XStream is a unique tactile editing interface that offers re-configurable and customizable control of your job. This improves speed of operation and the general ergonomics of the system. 43 self-labeling picture keys deliver the primary user-interface, each displaying an iconic representation of the function it represents.

Multiple key layouts group functionality together to make operation efficient and intuitive. 24 soft-keys provide additional functionality such as track selection, arming and muting. 4 keys add modifiers such as ALT functions and bank switching.

Jogging and shuttling is done via an ultra-high resolution Jog wheel which can also be used for certain types of parameter control.

Six high-resolution, touch sensitive, dual-function rotary encoders provide simultaneous access to accurate hands-on tactile control of up to 12 parameters such as level and pan.

A large graphics display provides clear visual feedback of things like metering, EQ curves and pan positions. The built-in QWERTY keyboard will automatically pop up on demand.

The control surface is minimal in size and no bigger than a 17” laptop.

Up to 24 faders can be added in blocks of 6 using the XE-6 to enhance the mixing capability.

 The XStream Audio Post Production system can be configured with up to 192 tracks feeding a 230 channel mix into 72 bus elements. The bus elements can be combined in any format from mono up to 7.1.

All channels and busses are fully equipped with 6 bands of EQ and 3 stages of dynamics. The hardware accelerated CC-1 Media Engine processes all audio with sub-millisecond latency.

Additional processing is supported through the systems support for VST plug-ins, providing up to 6 plugs per channel. Mixing and processing are controlled by very comprehensive automation system, complete with a variety of touch modes and offline editing.

The monitoring system provides listening access to all internal busses as well as up to 16 user-defined external sources (mono to 7.1) with no hardware requirements. Up to 9 different speaker sets are supported (mono to 7.1), with automatic down- and up-mix as required. Mono compatibility checking and format override is fully supported.

Metering includes peak reading digital scales on all channels and busses, as well as LKFS on the main bus. Different clocking options lock the audio to all SYNC rates, whilst MTC, LTC or 9-pin lock you to external machines.

On-board video track provides a perfect video guide, reads all commonly used file formats and provides the possibility of video editing. Xplain provides easy to access, on-demand help information. Installation is simple via an Ethernet network connection from the controller to the host PC.

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