With AudioBase multiple users can share sound libraries, music libraries and other sound files. With the advanced AudioBase search engine, searching HUGE sound file databases is blazingly fast, and advanced search tools allow users to find exactly what they need quickly and easily. AudioBase also includes a friendly web interface, so users can search for sound files from their desktop – no workstation required!

VIDEO CODECS (April 2014 )

To grab the PDF of the above click HERE

• 2 Video Streams for 3D or dual video work

• 2K - 1080i - 720p - NTSC - PAL @ all std. frame rates

• Real time Frame rate conversion will be done if needed

• Multiple simultaneous Codecs allowed on all video tracks

• Some Options/Codecs require a licensing fee.

AUDIO CODECS (April 2014)

To grab the PDF of the above click HERE


New Codecs are implemented on a regular basis. Please contact us for details as this list may be out of date.



Completely new engine offers superior performance, especially with large datasets.

Enables facility-wide library management from any Fairlight controller.

Support for Internet Information Services and Apache2 webservers (Apache2 is a FREE download). Support for Microsoft SQL Server and MySQL databases (MySQL is a FREE download).

Runs under Windows XP, Windows 7 or Windows Server 2003/2008 and 2012.

Supports direct scanning and publishing of compatible WAV files, including BWF metadata extraction. This allows libraries created on other systems (e.g. –  NetMix,  SoundMiner) to be used by AudioBase.

AudioBase is designed from the ground up to be a “good neighbor” to other systems, and to maximize productivity in busy studio environments. With AudioBase3, facilities can quickly and easily leverage their existing audio CD or BWF/WAV libraries. With web-based picklist generation, spotting or pre-production can be performed from any PC or Mac on the network, without tying up valuable studio time.