The Fairlight SX-36 I/O Interface

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SX-36 Front Panel

The SX-36 is designed as a high-end solution for audio post production systems powered by Fairlight’s Crystal Core Media Engine. It offers an extensive variety of analog and digital I/O, pure sound, pristine remote controlled microphone preamps, precise lock to timecode and ultra low latency, making it the perfect setting for the most demanding media productions.

SX-36 Rear Connections

SX-36 is a 1U rack mountable interface and comes with a host of features ...

  • 12 balanced analog outputs
  • 11 stereo digital outputs fully transformer-coupled AES
  • 9 stereo digital inputs
  • 8 balanced analog inputs
  • 2 Remote-controlled Microphone / Instrument preamps
  • 1 stereo digital input with sample-rate conversion
  • 1 stereo digital output (S/PDIF format)
  • Dual independent 9-pin control ports
  • MIDI In
  • MIDI Out

Sync at any standard frame rate including ...

  • Tri-Level sync
  • Video sync
  • Wordclock
  • AES

  • Read and generate LTC
  • Read and generate MTC
  • Metering with 12 assignable 4-LED bar-graphs
  • 1 GPI signal
  • 1 GPO signal

Metering with 12 assignable 4-LED bar-graphs


The SX-20 provides a complete I/O solution for the CC-1. With enough outputs to feed a full 5.1 monitoring setup including multiple near field monitors, two independent 9 pin ports, tri-level sync, word-clock, LTC and MTC.

SX-20 Front Panel

The SX-20 is delivered with the following features ...

  • 12 Analogue Outputs
  • 2 Line Level Inputs
  • 2 Microphone/Instrument Inputs with 48V
  • 4 SPDIF inputs
  • 8 SPDIF outputs Sample Rates up to 96 KHz
  • 9 Pin - Independent Master and Slave Ports
  • Video Sync Input
  • WordClock
  • LTC in and Out

SX-20 Rear Connections


The SX-12 provides an Internal PC solution, it will fit in any available PC slot position, with or without a PCI slot making the CC-1 Audio engine totally self contained with no external equipment required to make the system run. It is most commonly used in a system like Pyxis but can be used for any CC-1 solution when the features provided by the SX-20 are not required.

The SX-12 has the following features ...

  • 6 Analogue Outputs
  • 2 Line Level Inputs
  • 2 SPDIF inputs
  • 4 SPDIF Outputs Sample Rates up to 96 KHz
  • 9 Pin Master or Slave (switchable)
  • Video Sync Input
  • WordClock (in or out software switchable)
  • LTC
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Features SX-8 SX-12V SX-20 SX-36
9-Pin Control Ports None One Two Two
Video Reference None SD+HD, in, BNC . SD+HD, In + Thru, BNC
Digital Sync In Sync to any Digital Input . . Sync to any AES/EBU input
Word Clock Out Switchable, BNC Switchable, BNC Adaptor Cable, BNC BNC
MTC In 25-pin ‘D’ . 5-pin Din 5-pin Din
MTC Out 25-pin ‘D’ . 5-pin Din 5-pin Din
LTC In . Un-bal, 25-pin ‘D’ Un-bal, Phono Balanced, 25-pin ‘D’
LTC Out . Un-bal, 25-pin ‘D’ Un-bal, Phono Balanced, 25-pin ‘D’
GPI/GPO . . . 1 in, 1 out, 25-pin ‘D’
Analog Mic/Line Inputs . . 2 x Gain Control XLR/TRS 2 x Remote Gain Control, XLR/TRS
Analog Line In 2 x +18dB, 25-pin ‘D’ 2 x +18dB, 25-pin ‘D’ 2 x +24dB, TRS 8, +24dB, 25-pin ‘D’
Analog Line Out 6 x +18dB, 25-pin ‘D’ 6 x +18dB, 25-pin ‘D’ 12 x +24dB, TRS 4 + 8 +24dB, TRS + 25-pin ‘D’
AES/EBU In . . . 9, 25-pin ‘D’
AES/EBU Out . . . 11, 25-pin ‘D’
SPDIF In 1 x 25-pin ‘D’ 1 x 25-pin ‘D’ 2 x Phono 1 x With SRC, Phono
SPDIF Out 1 x 25-pin ‘D’ 3 x 25-pin ‘D’ 4 x Phono 1 x Phono
Digital I/O 2/2 2/6 4/8 20/24
Analog I/O 2/6 2/6 4/12 10/12
Metering . . Analog Signal Present 12 x Switchable Bar Graphs
Format Internal Internal 1U Rack 1U Rack
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If external equipment needs to be controlled that can be operated by a contact closure then the GPIO card is available as on option. Examples are Recording Lights above the Control Room door, Stop Watch start/stop/reset, even opening the front door!

External closures can also be detected so the Fairlight software can respond too, for example a Producers talk-back switch or foot-pedal. Up to 64 channels of Input and 64 channels of output are available when multiple cards are daisy chained together.

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The picture of the rear of a typical CC-1 Audio Engine. From Left to right ...

Slot #1 - DeckLink HDMI I/O
Slot #2 - ATI V4900 Graphics Card (triple head)
Slot #3 - DeckLink Extreme
Slot #4 - CC-1 Card with SX-20 Interface & MADI in/out
Slot #5 - SX-12 Breakout with 9 pin & AES I/O
Slot #6 - SX-12 with Analog I/O, Video Sync and Wordclock
Slot #7 - CMI MADI Expansion with 3 Additional MADI I/O